Latest News

Johnny Dowd Tour

Johnny Dowd and the Sex Robots have made it home from their month-long tour of Europe and the UK. While several Robots returned a bit worse for the wear (myself included) it was nothing that a 2 week dose of antibiotics couldn’t handle. You can see some great video footage from the tour here: LIVE IN ZEIST and here: “THE LONELY CRY OF SPACE AND TIME”. (Thanks Jos Goverde for the videos). You can also see our journey at Johnny’s website. Photo by Ganesh van Boggelen.

Supporting John Doe and Excene

Anna’s pleased to be supporting John Doe and Excene this Friday, November 4th at the Haunt in Ithaca, NY. It will be a rare solo-electric show. Tour posts and photos from the European tour to follow! Thanks to Johan Breij for the photo.

Tour Dates

I am boarding a jet plane (or a prop plane, as the case will be out of the tiny Ithaca airport) to Amsterdam on Monday, to join Johnny Dowd on his European CD release tour. Looking forward to Dutch cheese, coffee, Belgium beers, and British egg and cress sandwiches. Onward. Dates listed on my tour page, or at