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Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival!

As the dark (but not the cold, not yet!) settles in around us in Upstate NY, I am thrilled to be scoring a silent movie for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival. I am working with local musicians Tzar (Willie B and Michael Stark) to create an original, operatic soundtrack for the 1928 film “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Jean Epstein. We’ve got 3 synths, 2 gongs, 1 piano, 1 organ, 1 guitar, 1700 drums, and one opera singer for this performance next Friday, November 13 at the Cinemapolis in downtown Ithaca at 6:15 pm. I hope to see you there!


I’m home in Ithaca after spending the month of October on the road, with shows across England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and (almost a country of it’s own) Brooklyn. Many, many miles were driven in several diesel-powered vehicles and many laughs were had. We played rock clubs, folk clubs, islands, cities, and tiny towns, and sampled many (too many?) local foods and beverages. A deep and heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in this tour. We were lucky to be joined by filmmaker Jos Goverde on our European leg, and will be posting videos for the next several weeks. you can check out our recent radio performances here : Live Uit Lloyd (Rotterdam) and House of Mercy (London). Next on the tour docket: Friday, November 13th at the Cinemopolis in Downtown Ithaca for our live Film Score of “The Fall of the House of Usher” for the Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival. Horror at it’s best!


Limited Edition Live Record Now Available!

Hello friends~ Several months ago, I was lucky to receive a small grant from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County to create a limited edition record to bring with us on the upcoming Europe and UK tour. With the help of some local experts (thank you Matt Saccuccimorano and Will Russell) we have put together a lovely live record from the show last January at The Triple Door in Seattle. This record features several never-been-recorded songs including “Auchengeich Mining Disaster”, “Come Inside” and “Lorelei” as well as several old favorites. We’ve created only 150 of these, and will be selling them on the upcoming tour.If you’d like a signed advanced copy and a thank you note, you can follow the button. $15 includes shipping. THANK YOU and hope to see you soon!!