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“Usher” Silent Film

I’m very excited that the team has finished processing the audio and video from “The Fall of the House of Usher” performance last fall. A huge, warm thank you to Matt Saccuccimorano, Michael Stark and Brian Wilson, Chris Knight and Andrea Canale, John Ryan and Robert Natoli with Sound on Sound Productions, Cinemapolis, and above all to Hugues Barbier and the Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival. If you missed this performance, I will be scoring a film “Aleta, Queen of Mars” with Tzar (Brian and Michael) on March 24, at the Cornell Cinema. I’ve got several other snippets, as well as a full take of the film, to upload!

Happy New Year!

Happiest of New Years to you. For the first time in many years, I took a Christmas vacation completely off from music: no practicing, no booking, no nothing. I’ve never gotten so close to my couch, my fleece bathrobe, and especially Netflix. Binge watching, it turns out, is delicious. So it is with some sadness that I peel myself off the couch, trade in the bathrobe for pants, open my computer, turn on my amp, and start 2016. (I’m mostly joking, I really love this work. But it was nice to power lounge for a few weeks.) It’s been a nice start to the new year already, winning a “Jimmie” from the Ithaca Journal for best live album for “Live at the Triple Door”, putting finishing touches on Beverly Stokes’s new album, and preparing for several silent film scores for 2016, and getting ready to record lead guitar for Mary Lorson. I usually start off the new year with a To-Do list, ready to kick some ass and take some musical names, but this year, I really just want to enjoy what I do. I’ve been getting better at that over the years, putting less value in numbers, views, hits, etc, and putting more value into writing, practicing, teaching, producing- all the things that make music such a joy. I’ve been extremely lucky in the past few years to fall into some alternative options for making a living at music, and to that end, I’ve started a new website : This is site dedicated to my side projects, teaching, and general non-singer songwriter activity. That all being said, I will be making my next full length record this year. I will be taking the next several months as intensive writing period and will be ready to release in early 2017. More updates soon. Much love and THANK YOU.

Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival!

As the dark (but not the cold, not yet!) settles in around us in Upstate NY, I am thrilled to be scoring a silent movie for the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival. I am working with local musicians Tzar (Willie B and Michael Stark) to create an original, operatic soundtrack for the 1928 film “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Jean Epstein. We’ve got 3 synths, 2 gongs, 1 piano, 1 organ, 1 guitar, 1700 drums, and one opera singer for this performance next Friday, November 13 at the Cinemapolis in downtown Ithaca at 6:15 pm. I hope to see you there!