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Limited Edition Live Record Now Available!

Hello friends~ Several months ago, I was lucky to receive a small grant from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County to create a limited edition record to bring with us on the upcoming Europe and UK tour. With the help of some local experts (thank you Matt Saccuccimorano and Will Russell) we have put together a lovely live record from the show last January at The Triple Door in Seattle. This record features several never-been-recorded songs including “Auchengeich Mining Disaster”, “Come Inside” and “Lorelei” as well as several old favorites. We’ve created only 150 of these, and will be selling them on the upcoming tour.If you’d like a signed advanced copy and a thank you note, you can follow the button. $15 includes shipping. THANK YOU and hope to see you soon!!

New Song Debut!

I’m very pleased to debut a new song this week- the first song of mine that’s ever (to the best of my knowledge) been recorded by another artist. I’ve been coaching this young singer since she was 10 years old, and was thrilled to join cello player Hank Roberts, pianist Michael Stark and drummer Brian Wilson to help Canen create this beautiful piece of music.

The Silver Sea Tour!

I’ve finally given our upcoming tour a poetic name, since I’ve always wanted a poetic name beyond “Date.Tour”. Now I’m off to write a song about a silver sea. We will also be at Grassroots in the Finger Lakes region SUNDAY, JULY 19th at 11 AM in the cabaret stage. The silver sea starts at Lake Cayuga. Yes it does. And a few weeks after that, back in Trumansburg for a show with the venerated Johnny Dowd at THE RONGOVIAN EMBASSY. See you there.