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Spring Update!

4/14/14 Today is my birthday- and it’s an absolutely beautiful day: warm and sunny for the first time in many, many months. Flowers are starting to bloom here in Ithaca, and tiny leaves are appearing on the trees. Of course, tomorrow the forecast is for snow and a deep freeze. One step forward, two steps back. Eventually it will be summer. We’ve got a lot of exciting dates in the works, involving the official release of Anna Coogan and JD Foster- I’ll be posting them soon! In the meantime, I’ve finally launched The Marshall St. Sessions, a video series featuring mostly acoustic versions of work by myself and friends that stop by. (Hopefully, as we expand our microphone collection, things will get more rockin.) You can check out the first video here: Marshall St. Sessions Volume 1

Tour videos!

We’ve uploaded a lovely selection of live tour videos to the “gallery.” Please stop by and take a listen!

In other news, Ithaca is *still* in the clutches of the “polar vortex.” It is very cold. We are happy to be home but thrilled to get back on the road again for the official record release.


Home again

We are all safely back in New York State after 22 days on the road in Holland, Germany, and England. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to a show (or a few shows!), and especially to the incredible crew that put up with us and put us up, fed us, and took us on so many incredible adventures across the lowlands. Excited for two more duo show: with JD Foster tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 22) at Barbes in Brooklyn, and a with Willie B on Friday, March 15 at the Argos Inn in Ithaca.