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A festival highlight of 2013”
— The Times of London
“A fervently emotive kiss-off anthem that is both militant, righteous and experimental. Coogan’s introspective tunes comes from a place where the line between poignant songwriting and echoey indie rock collides completely.”
— Glide Magazine
“Burn For You” works in grand operatic forms that captivates all available faculties of attention....exhibits the fire from within in an outward fashion that will beguile & mystify all with ears to hear.”
— Impose Magazine
A fascinating and inspiring woman. I chat to Anna Coogan about her new album ‘The Lonely Cry of Space and Time.’

“I’d like it to make people think- about the rising oceans, about children washing up on beaches, and how that relates to us as individuals, living our normal lives.”
— Folk Radio UK/Alex Gallacher

"Underneath its sweet tones and stunning musicianship is a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo of today. Both musical and cultural; here is a classically-trained opera singer armed to the teeth with an electric guitar, a record’s worth of great songs and sharp lyrical insight into the 21st century."


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THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER with live original score performed by Anna Coogan and Tzar
Premises: A classic and timeless retelling of the Edgar Allen Poe story of loss, pain and more in the House of Usher.Hats off to Barbier and the IIFFF crew for having this gem of performance flood the Cinemapolis with timeless storytelling on a bed of music. The entire 62 minute performance showcased great musical talent and emotion as the trio of Anna Coogan and Tzar blew away the crowd with this original score and angelic vocals by Coogan.Hats off to the fans who came out and packed the theater to experience this timeless story of macabre love and the music that brought it to life.”
Anna Coogan is a curious songwriter on a musical adventure. The sharp intelligence of her lyrics softens in the hands of her poetic delivery. She has scored silent films, toured with Johnny Dowd, put out six records of depth and continues to reach us through the folk, country, and rock and roll collage of her work. In Coogan’s duo performances with Willie B, a bigger sound emerges, flushed out by his percussive skill and rhythmic balance. The two area truly inspiring collaboration.”
— Grassroots Festival, Trumansburg NY
“A fine album with the affecting lyrics and Fiaschi’s soothing pedal steel guitar blending perfectly on a country-style song.”
— Martin Chilton, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
El cocktail de sonidos y matices que Anna Coogan nos presenta solo tiene un calificativo: bonito-maravilloso-explosivo.”
— Crazy Friday Magazine
A must see act of the festival season (2013)”
— Acoustic Magazine (UK)
There is little wonder many reviewers have been doing literary backflips over her work. It’s an accomplished mix of glorious vocals and assured guitar work.”
— Roger Crow, Glasgow Metro
She is a poet, a singer and an ace guitarist, alternating between Chris Isaac and Ry Cooder, rowdy garage rock, mainstream pop, vocal pyrotechnics, and intricate soundscapes.
— Hans Werksman, Here Comes the Flood