LCOST one of the top 10 releases of 2017 by No Depression

"Coogan's singular guitar (which can also be heard on Johnny Dowd's recordings) is often reflective yet wandering, restrained yet expansive, holding on yet letting go ... or, how far the journey from here to a star?  The songs, some written with her drummer and bandmate Willie B., sometimes ride the waves of an extreme force, sometimes juxtaposing words and music, sometimes a parallel course, and never less than intriguing, with Coogan's operatically trained voice used to great effect. At its core the album concerns the passage of time and the spaces and people in between. "- Amos Perrine

music video premiere at the big takeover

We are so pleased to debut the first music video to accompany "The Lonely Cry of Space and Time", debuting today (6/6/17) on The Big Takeover. "Burn For You" is a heavy song and film, which has only become more pertinent since we shot last January, tackling themes of childhood, coming of age in this uncertain world, and the lingering effects of colonial empires. Please check it out here:

New song debut

We're pleased to debut a new single, "The Auchengeich Mining Disaster", currently streaming exclusively on FolkRadio UK. This song was written from a poem by Scottish poet Norman Buchan, about a mining disaster near Glasgow in 1959. You can check it out here:



The title track of "The Lonely Cry of Space and Time" was featured in the May Day episode of Democracy Now. Thanks to Amy Goodman and crew! You can take a listen to the show HERE.


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Anna chats with the Independent UK about climate change, the Trump administrations approach to science, and her new record below.


Anna Coogan Shares The Lonely Cry of Space & Time Before It’s Out, Is The Most Interesting Human We Know

Meredith Schneider | April 24, 2017

Photo by Jason Tang.

Photo by Jason Tang.

"On April 28th, Anna Coogan releases her operatic rock album The Lonely Cry of Space & Time. Addressing many big political points in a beautiful – and instrumentally colossal – way, we’ve been infatuated with the eleven track stunner since we first pressed “play” on it. We are hosting the exclusive full album stream leading up to its release, along with a fun – and super eye-opening – interview with the talented Coogan herself."

Interview with guitar girl magazine 4/13/17

A few weeks ago I spent a few hours curled up in the couch of my studio, chatting with Alison Richter at Guitar Girl Magazine. You can check out this in-depth (down to my favorite pick size) interview here:

Interview with Folk Radio UK 4/1/17

"A fascinating and inspiring woman. I chat to Anna Coogan about her new album ‘The Lonely Cry of Space and Time.’"

“I’d like it to make people think- about the rising oceans, about children washing up on beaches, and how that relates to us as individuals, living our normal lives.”


song premiere 3/8/17

We are excited that Glide Magazine is premiering the song "Collateral" from The Lonely Cry of Space and Time in celebration of International Women's Day.

"A fervently emotive kiss-off anthem that is both militant, righteous and experimental. Coogan’s introspective tunes comes from a place where the line between poignant songwriting and echoey indie rock collides completely."

Check out the interview and debut here:


NEW SINGLE OUT NOW!! (2/6/2017)

We are thrilled to release the first single from "The Lonely Cry of Space and Time," Burn For You. The album, a virtual two-person effort which features Willie B (Brian Wilson) on drums and Moog bass, combines Coogan’s three-octave soprano vocals, electric guitar soundscapes and pointed social commentary into a fierce cohesive piece which combines the personal and the political, in a musical hybrid of rock, country, pop and classical opera into a unique whole. Find it:

Hear / Share “Burn For You” at Soundcloud | Spotify | Bandcamp | iTunes


Art by Q. Cassetti

Art by Q. Cassetti


I will be releasing my new album, The Lonely Cry of Space and Time, on April 28, 2017. I am turning to you: friends, fans, and strangers alike. Don't see a reward? Let me know, and I'll get it posted.


Photo by Ganesh Van Boggelen

Photo by Ganesh Van Boggelen

Supporting John Doe

Anna’s pleased to be supporting John Doe and Exene this Friday, November 4th at the Haunt in Ithaca, NY. It will be a rare solo-electric show.

Photo by Ganesh Van Boggelen

Photo by Ganesh Van Boggelen

Johnny Dowd Band

Johnny Dowd and the Sex Robots have made it home from their month-long tour of Europe and the UK. While several Robots returned a bit worse for the wear (myself included) it was nothing that a 2 week dose of antibiotics couldn’t handle. You can see some great video footage from the tour here: LIVE IN ZEIST and here: “THE LONELY CRY OF SPACE AND TIME”. (Thanks Jos Goverde for the videos). You can also see our journey at Johnny’s website. Photo by Ganesh van Boggelen.