praise for silent movie month:

I’m so proud to be involved in 2 events in silent movie month here in Ithaca, “The Curse of Eve” (below) which debuts tonight, and “House of Usher”, at the Cornell Cinema on October 30. You can read interviews about these shows at the Ithaca Journal, Ithaca Times, and (another!) at the Ithaca Times.

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the curse of eve: New operetta by anna coogan

I am very pleased that as the deadline for the first performance of “The Curse of Eve” is approaching, I am finally wrapping up the composition aspect of the performance and moving towards preparing to perform (all roles, all instruments, for now…) This is such a cool and timely piece, exploring the never-dated concepts of women’s rights, a womans place in the world, #metoo, Ithaca-made films, and so much else. I hope to see you there for the debut, or bring this stunner to you.

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Back again from a wonderful tour of Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Poland. Thanks again to The Tompkins County Community Arts Partnership for Sponsoring my trip, and thanks to Kathy Ziegler for inspiring me and making me laugh SO HARD. I'm back, more or less rested, and preparing for a fall of local shows. I'm finishing a new opera (lot's still to do, but it will be done by Oct 6, the joy of deadlines.) I'm also very excited to be performing a Halloween Special of the House of Usher full theatrical production on Oct 30. Hope to see you out there. More film score dates in US and Europe next winter. Keep in touch!

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summer tours and a new opera

After a spring full of teaching, reading, and refilling the well a bit, I'm looking forward to getting back on the road, both as a sideman and a headliner. First date, as guitarist, is Saturday, July 7th with Janet Batch at the Great Blue Heron Festival. Then I'll be joining Mary Lorson on guitar on Friday, July 20 at the Grassroots Festival. Then I'll be heading to Europe to tour with Kathy Ziegler (we'll be playing solo sets, and joining each other as well.) Dates above. By October, I'll have a new opera to debut, as well as another date for the Fall of the House of Usher. Hope to see you out there.

"House of Usher" in production now!

A timeless re-telling of the Edgar Allen Poe story, “The Fall of the House of Usher” combines the classic 1928 film by Jean Epstein with modern opera, film-noir, and improvisation by musicians Anna Coogan and Tzar. Explores the place where film, theater, music, and storytelling collide. The neo-operatic score was originally written and performed for the Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival in 2015, and returns to the Cherry in 2018 in a new and exciting form. Directed by Samuel Buggeln.Tickets available here for the March 30-31 performances:


 Credit Jos Goverde

Credit Jos Goverde

Home Safe

Home safe after a three week tour of film scores, solo sets, and joining Johnny Dowd as a guest guitar player in some of the most beautiful venues in Europe. You can read a few reviews from the tour HERE and HERE.

In other news, LCOST has made several year end lists, including top 10 in No Depression Through the the Lens, Here Comes the Flood, The Ithaca Journal, which listed it as one of the top 5 records of the year, and Monolith Cocktail. Thanks to everyone for the deep support of this release. Onward.

Daytrotter Session: 9/11/17

Anna and Willie's Daytrotter session, recorded on September 11. 2017 in Davenport, Iowa, is now available at the Paste Magazine site. Art by Johnnie Cluney and sound by Ian Harris. Check it out below. It was a long and beautiful drive to Iowa from Ithaca and back again. 


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Blood of a Poet tour

I'll be leaving in a few weeks for my first ever film score tour, performing an original guitar score to the brilliant 1932 Cocteau masterpiece "The Blood of a Poet" across the UK. You can see clips from the score debut at the Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival HERE and HERE.

You can read a preview of the score in the Ithaca Journal and the North Wales Pioneer.